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March 1, 2011

I dont know where the time goes, we are both so busy and still having lots of fun. A few more toys have been added to the collection. I found a nice skidding arch on skiis for Dwight. Another skidding cone was needed cause we busted up the first one pretty good. The plan is to haul out all our firewood to a central area as well as a pile of saw logs. We will have a saw mill come in the spring and cut us up some lumber for a few projects we have lined up.

The winter has been great so far with a nice dump of snow just a few days ago. The cabin and yurt rentals are going very well so that keeps me hopping as well.

Simom the siamese kitten is growing up to be a fine addition to the family, he will even sleep curled up with the dogs as well as with us at night. Last night was not a good night as our other cat Alvin and Simon got to playing in the bedroom in the wee hours of the morning, brats that they are!

I had a nice little interlude with my cousin and her 19 year old daughter from Holland and one one day we all went dogsledding then to the spa afterwards....what a fine day that was....if you have never tried dog sledding that I say its about time.

I find the house a bit hard to heat, we have been in it about a year and a half now so there are a few things we have in mind for it too. In the meantime we have two hallways leading to two bedrooms so I put a solid pine door in one and a glass door with all the little panes in the other. Its a fiddely little job and then staining and varathaning afterwards. I removed the one glass in the middle at the bottom and replaced it with a cat door. This works great, the litter and food are on the other see we have two dogs as well.

Speaking of animals we still have four chickens and at the moment getting 2 eggs a day. Dwight would like to have a couple of horses in the next two years....that works for me! We have all this beautiful land and we want to utilize it all, make trails four ourselves and guests to enjoy. Lots of work to do yet.

Dwight and our carpenter Jean finished shingling the sauna, it was Dwights first time shingling, he wanted to learn cause we have the roof on the house to do in the next few years. The log sauna is coming along nicely, I am pricing out door and window, it would be a custom job because of its size, then the sauna stove, benches, etc. Dwight and I will be at the cabin for the summer this year, there are a number of things we want to finish up. I see a few sauna partys coming up! Yup we still have lots of fun! I can't believe I'm going to be 55 this year!

Also a the cabin there is another dock to build, a deck for the sauna, deck and stairs for the balcony, yurt platform to move, prepare a gazebo base for the log gazebo the following year....

We did not even go for the traditional holiday that everyone seems to go on, we almost did but once we have our trips planned out the money output did not feel right to us and at this time we would rather sink it into our property. We just feel that we live in holiday land. We just book the cabin for ourselves when we want to funny is that.

Monday, March 2, 2011

Wow what can I's maple syrup time!!!! Just out of the blue Dwight comes home with a bunch of borrowed sap pails and a bucket of spigots and the next day he has tapped 31 trees! Let the production begin.....being our first time there is a lot to learn and we are doing it on the in "we dont want to spend a cent" What else is there to do in that inbetween winter and spring time. There is so much to tell I had to make a separate page for this.

Check it out Dwight and Lucy's backyard Maple Syrup Operation

Tuesday, April 06, 2011

This is the perfect time to go on vacation!!!! Thats where we will be next year. After maple syrup time and whilst we wait for the ice to go out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rain, rain, rain, we are supposed to get about 20mm today and by morning the temp will rise to 15. Yesterday Dwight and I crossed the lake at the cabin with the ATV and trailer. We picked up the outdoor shower stall that was not needed there anymore. We are going to put it at the new yurt site.

This rain should really clear a lot of the remaining snow. I have guests checking into the cabin on Thursday and I do believe they will be paddling the canoe..I hope, otherwise its a walk around on the deer trail.

Dwight and I went to the cottage home show this weekend, thats always fun to see all the new products and get ideas, as if we need any more!

Maple syruping is over for us this year, we got about 3 and a half gallons this year, whoooo hoooo!

April 26, 2011

Just spent a few days with my bother Tom, lots of fun.

This week we are in for a full week of rain. We are behind 2 or 3 weeks compared to last years weather. The peepers were around the first week of April last year and they are only beginning now.

The ice disappeared off of the pond only 3 days ago.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wow.......a few nights ago Dwight and I watched a movie called "The Road" eeee gad, we stayed awake and felt ill, end of the world kind of thing that you just dont want to invision but guess what...Lucy is visual. Someone told me that the book was very graphic..........I will never read the book.

So what happened yesterday, big wind storm, Dwight is at work and Im at the house looking at the trees swinging in the wind.........thought comes to me, hmmmm maybe I had better fill the bath tub with water before the power goes out and bang, I hear a big tree fall which I have to go see about. Dammm it fell right in the middle of my work horse Yamaha Grizzly ATV...shit, the tire is flat, the handle bars are none existant and I just have to share my gloom with Dwight who is having back to back meeting and not available. I know the weight of this tree on the ATV is not good and I get out MY chainsaw (yes we have his and hers) we each have 2 chain saws. Well got the ATV freed and all in all not bad, a few bends and bangs.

NEWS BULLINTEN.......8:15 we just got our hydro back........after 30 hours! We were ready to move back to the cabin.

May 2, 2011

We spent the weekend at the cabin, weather was gorgeous so we needed to do the big cleanup and we had a friend build our door and window units for the sauna, it cost us about a third of having a window place make it and they would not have done such a good job, this unit is solid. I just need to put a door stop in, handle, catch, sand the edges, trim, etc. We are moving closer to finishing. This year it will be the bunkie and in the fall when the deck and finishing is done it will turn into the sauna. It is just gorgeous.

May 13, 2011

Busy times, black flies are out but now in full force yet and only starting to bit. The garden is getting bigger, added 2 more blueberrie plants. Dwight bought a big chipper for the tractor and Im in heaven. There are chips everywhere. I will be mulching the sandy garden like crazy with the stuff.

We have split a pack of giant pumpkin seeds with a friend so there will be four of us trying to grow the biggest pumpkin.

We ate our first asparagus yesterday. The peas and greens are up at the cabin, Rhubarb and lovage well on its way........looking like a bumper crop for the raspberries, bought a bag of buckwheat to do some green manuring, soil conditioning as an experiment. I think the first year we will just let it go to seed.

We have a giant bag of sunflowers seeds we want to plant all along the trail in. Cheapest way is to just buy a bag of bird seed, we like the black oiled seed. Just take a few seeds and wrap in wet paper towel for a few days to see if it sprouts, some bags of seed are not viable for some reason.

I stacked another 3 cords of wood yesterday. Dwight borrowed a splitter from a friend and he splits and I stack. So far I have 13 cords stacked and maybe another 7 to go, we like to have at least 2 years worth.


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